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Our Growth

According to the Texas Education Agency, CMISD is growing faster than 92.5% of all other districts in the entire state. Additionally, the district has grown nearly 18% in the last 12 months. Demographic reports indicate there are at least 19 new housing developments to be constructed. This could produce over 4,700 new homes, which equates to almost 2,800 new students in the district. 


Current Capacity


New Housing Developments

4,700 homes in the district are being constructed

▪ Aero Vista
▪ Caddo Crossing
▪ Caddo Downs
▪ Fox Landing
▪ Fox Meadows
▪ The Mills

▪ Trailstone

▪ Reserve on Brushy Creek
▪ History Maker
▪ Kelly Ranch Estates
▪ Stonehaven
▪ Wildflower

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